Authorized person
Authorized person
Brakes Zorlu
elevator machines we have different elevator machine brands. Please contact us
Brakes Cobianchi
Full Automatic Elevator Door
Semi Automatic Elevator Door
Semi Automatic Elevator Door
H05VVH6-F Elevator Cables
Automatic Elevator Door TLS-189
Passanger Lifts - Sinarit
Elevator Cabin
Elevator Landing Button ( LOP )
Elevator Cabins PROPERTIES; Accessories mirror stainless steel The side wall of cabinet 1.2mm stell sheet Floors 2mm stell sheet Laser celling Full-lentgh mirror Flexible luxury accessories Lighting and ventilation systems Natural granite flooring Optional special packaging Special equipment to prevent vibration
TFT Display for Elevator Button
Passanger Lifts - Aterina
Passanger Lifts - Citari
Distribution Board Distribution board
Multiplication Door ASL-C26-05
Hydraulic Jack
YVV, NYY 0.6-1 kV Two Core Cables