Authorized person
Authorized person
Flat-twin cables
Passanger Lifts - Aterina
Hydraulic Jack
Passanger Lifts - Aymoli
Passanger Lifts - Tranca
Freight Elevator
Brakes Zorlu
Crane Cables with Steel suspension
Control Panels
YVV, NYY 0.6-1 kV Single Core Cable
Elevator Button ASB-700-B2
Elevator Cabin Button ( COP )
Strecher Elevator
Yukselis Car Lift
Full Automatic Elevator Door
Automatic Doors Operator Technicial Specifications: Input supply voltage: 220 Vac + 10% Supply protection: Fuse protected (2 A) Standard interface: 2 lines 16 characters LCD screen 4-button set optional external LCD interface Dimensions (mm): without box; 275 x 105 x 21 - Boxed; 310 x 112.6 x 30 (Width x length x height) Motor voltage: 220 Vac Language options: Turkish and English Voicemail: With Buzzur Motor output power: Max. 200W Motor output current: 0.65 A (Nominal) Motor control type: Vector control Motor protection: Overload and circuit protected Encoder type: 3 channel incremental (Incremental) encoder Encoder voltage: 5VDC Resolution: Any model between 100-2048 Pulses Door width: 50-300 cm Door opening - closing speed: 20cm / s 99cm / s Door opening - Closing speed (Slow): 5cm / s - 300cm / s
Brakes Cobianchi
Passanger Lifts - Sinarit
Personal Elevator - DASS X94